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Your Telephone Your Brand Identity

RIA Professional

Virtual Number

RIA Lite is the virtual number solution to your telephonic brand identity. Connecting all your departments & employees with single number. 

Your Number Your Brand

Makes your telephone number as your brand identity for customer easiness.

Easy Customer Brand Recall

Customers easily recalls your brand when needed with your number.

Complete Call Dashboard

Complete dashborad views gives you easy customer reach & needs.

Single Number

Your company telephone number is your brand identity. RIA Lite number will connect all branches & employees.

  • Number as brand identity
  • Connects customers & company
  • Powerful brand recall

Increase Customers Calls

RIA Lite acts as a bridge between your easy to remember virtual fancy number and your entire customers

  • Customers connects easily
  • Grows business referrals
  • Enhanced customer delight

360 Degree View

RIA Lite  gives complete dashboard of calls history with source of calls like website, Facebook and more.

  • Answered & missed Calls
  • Call recording
  • Missed call auto Call back


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Virtual Number Features

Virtual Number - Ria Lite

Ria Lite (Receptionist in Air) is an easy to use business productivity tool. It gives a big company image to all MSME companies to reach a large client base with your products and services. 

In today’s fast-paced world, it is challenging to manage call tracks sitting in the office without the help of any tool. To use my operator in the front office to pick up the calls is an old method. Break free from my operator in the office to a cloud Receptionist in Air. 

RIA is like having your Receptionist in the cloud. It will direct calls to the right people or departments in your company. RIA will connect even the missed calls to the right team and not leave it with missed reports. Ria has features to connect your telephony system to your website and Facebook thereby increasing your digital marketing conversions by a minimum of 30%. Ria gives you a portal to track your business calls . with all call details along with call recording. It can connect to any CRM for sales and servicing tracking.

IVR Solution

IVR is an effective tool to connect multiple departments or locations of your company. Gateway between your fancy virtual number and your company. 

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