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RIA Professional

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RIA Professional is the virtual number solution to your telephonic brand identity. Connecting all your departments & employees with single number. 

RIA PRO Advantages

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RIA Professional Features

Toll Free Connect

Ria Professional is a Call center solution in the cloud. It is simple to set up, cloud call center product. It just needs a mobile or landline phone to land the calls and a PC to get the popup for call control and log in. It integrates with any CRM and ERP easily. RIA can set in just a few minutes for your business need. It is advantageous to companies who do not want costly equipment for the call center. With Ria professional, you do not need any technical staff to run your BPO.

Ria Professional is suitable for a multi-location call center with a single number and skillset spread across various locations. It is beneficial for work from home concept. For the International call center with late-night working hours, work from home would be helpful. It is a powerful tool to get all the call analytics. Ria Professional offers toll-free number solutions and international calling facilities also.


Ria Professional is a cloud call center platform that efficiently manages inbound & Outbound calls or a combination of customer calls. It has an IVR to route a call to different processes, locations or even automates a significant portion of your support process then IVR Self-service. It lands only the complex issues to the live agent. Assisting you to use very few agents but support a large number of customers. It has extensive reporting capabilities and calls recording, barge in and more.

IVR Solutions

IVR is an effective tool to connect multiple departments or locations of your company. Gateway between your fancy virtual number and your company. 

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