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Your Telephone Your Brand Identity

Dial Easy

Intelligent IVR

Dial Easy is a versatile on-premise call centre solutions with CRM and ERP integration facility. It has features comparable to world-class BPO products like Avaya, Cisco and Genisis.

Smart Connects

Connects right people at the right location to the caller.

Pack More with Less

Allows you to address more call with less agents giving a self service option

Create a Memory Hook

Connect All your location and employees with a Single number and track all call.

Attract More Customers

If customers want to call you they should have a easy and effective  call connect. Dial Easy does exactly that with its feature rich offering

Announce Your Presence

Dial Easy makes sales connects or support contact easily available to all your clients .In todays work Serve make your market presence.

Display Your Brand Number

Dial Easy helps customers recall your services with a Single Number. Your company is spread across multiple location customers can reach all across with Single Number.


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Intelligent Features

Intelligent IVR Solution - Dial Easy

With Dial Easy, we can set up your our private cloud telephony platform that can be integrated to work with any application you have or even some times multiple applications to give you total control over your business. It can integrate into branches spread across multiple locations across the country. Mostly 90% of the communication with clients happens on the phone for all departments, so if you connect all the back end applications with the telephony as the backbone, you have complete control through the business through an informative Dashboard.

Dial easy packs the features of leading international call centre solutions and more. It has high redundancy and high availability configurations with disk-level or even server level redundancy. The Servers can also be provided with geographic redundancy with one server in each location separated served miles apart connected with leased lines or MPLS.

Integration with GSM, SIP and PRI with agents spread across multiple cities or even work from home. Even with agents spread across, muti location, we can provide a centralized monitoring system to the superior to have online monitoring of calls. They can also barge into the call of any agent or specific queue which they are the team leader. Dial easy can be connected with a Virtual Number or even a toll-free. 

Eupraxia has implemented a single number solution on Private cloud telephony Platforms in several verticals, major ones being 

  • Share and commodity trading
  • Automobile companies and their dealer.
  • Real Estate and Construction companies
  • Health care and hospitality

In these vertical, we have integrated with several  CRM, ERP and even industry-specific back end application. The most important part of the call centre and MIS and we can offer MIS which can be customized as per companies requirements. We can also integrate online CDR flow into the CRM or ERP so that you can get a “360” degree view of your process with analytical reports.

IVR Solutions

 IVR is an effective tool to connect multiple departments or locations of your company. Gateway between your fancy virtual number and your company. 

IVR Solution

IVR is an effective tool to connect multiple departments or locations of your company. Gateway between your fancy virtual number and your company. 

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